Movie Reviews

From Hollywood to the arthouse, the rom-com to the grindhouse, the domestic to the foreign, and the highbrow to the middlebrow (at worst).  52 reviews of 52 2011 movies in 52 weeks, with bonus reviews of my old favorites as the mood strikes.

Book Reviews

Without the pressure of writing about what I read, I tend to read the words, but not consider them.  Another 52 reviews in 52 weeks, but not necessarily books published in 2011.  A mixture of fiction and non.  A bonus review indicates that my attention is drifting.


A fledgling hobby that is growing into my primary hobby.  Similar to my approach to writing about books, the camera forces me to see instead of look.  The gallery pushes me to stretch.  Lifted from the Photostream and given some context, these are my favorite shots.